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THE FACIALS - in action ma

Because your skin is unique, our facials are customized to address your individual needs. We’ll begin your journey to healthier, rejuvenated skin with a complete analysis and plan to suit your skin care needs.



The purpose of our clinical facial services is to treat the skin from a medical/health perspective. Although relaxing and pleasing to the senses, the goal of the clinical facial is to promote and maintain healthy skin.


THE PEELS - in acton ma

Enjoy instant benefits with our amazing peels, one to address every skin type. Enjoy alone or paired with any facial treatment. All peels include a take home post treatment kit.



Elevate your facial experience with any of these beneficial enhancements.

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How we wear our hair is integral to how we see ourselves. So it comes as no surprise that we spend so much time talking about, thinking about, and worrying about how our hair looks. Our memories are often punctuated by how our hair looked on a particular day, and our self-esteem can be greatly effected by how we feel about our hair.


At Moodz in Acton MA, we give the subject serious consideration; after all it’s our business.


That’s why we work so hard to stay current with new products, revised techniques and evolving trends. We know how much you care about your hair, and we believe it is our job to help you feel great about it. Our salon services in Acton MA have won the highest praise from both our clients and the press, and many members of our staff have been recognized in the industry for their commitment to hair care excellence.

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Hair Salon in Acton MA
hair salon in acton ma

Give your hands and feet some much needed love with one of our amazing manicures or pedicures in Acton Ma!

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Our body treatments are designed to offer holistic, therapeutic results, that’s why they focus on detoxification and remineralization. Detoxification works to stimulate circulation, while remineralization helps the body achieve balance through the absorption of minerals and trace elements.


The application of mineral rich seaweed and mud helps promote overall wellness. Our body treatments can benefit both men and women. Moodz offers these therapeutic treatments in the comfort of our private treatment rooms IN Acton, Ma.


We provide proper draping to ensure your privacy.​

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You’ve been waiting your whole life for this day; let Moodz help make it perfect for you.For you to truly enjoy your wedding day you should be both relaxed and beautiful, and that’s where we come in. Our wedding coordinator will work with you to insure that all goes as planned, for you and your entire wedding party. 


Moodz proudly offers onsite bridal services 


Please inquire at 888.844.SPAS (7727).

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