massage services

Our massage services are designed to help you escape the everyday hustle and bustle, leaving you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated!


MOODZ SIGNATURE MASSAGE |  25 Minutes 65  |  50 Minutes 90 |  80 Minutes 135

Employing an array of Swedish techniques, this full-body treatment will loosen you up while targeting your most “troubled” muscles, improving circulation and reducing stress.


DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE |  25 Minutes 65  |  50 Minutes 95 |  80 Minutes 140

This highly intensive massage therapy is intended for concentrated relief of stubborn areas of chronic tension, a must for men, athletes, and massage addicts everywhere.


GREAT EXPECTATIONS MASSAGE  |  25 Minutes 65  |  50 Minutes 95  | 80 Minutes 140

The perfect treatment for you expecting mothers, let a highly-trained massage therapist ease your lower back pain or any other area of discomfort.


EXECUTIVE STRESS BUSTER  |  25 Minutes 65  |  50 Minutes 90  |  80 Minutes 135

Maximize your time in the spa with our focused attention to whatever muscles are mistreating you most.


ROMANCING THE STONE MASSAGE |   50 Minutes 95  |  80 Minutes 140

The ultimate massage experience. In this treatment we use warmed river rocks and a variety of Swedish techniques to target those painful problem areas.


THERAPEUTIC FOOT MASSAGE [REFLEXOLOGY]  |  25 Minutes 65  | 50 Minutes 90

Your therapist massages your feet, applying pressure to the reflex points that correspond to glands, organs, and other parts of your body. You’ll be walking on air after this one!


CUPPING MASSAGE  |  25 Minutes 85  | 50 Minutes 100  |  80 Minutes 150

This ancient massage technique softens tight muscles, tones attachments, lifts connective tissue, improves blood flow, relieves deep inflammation, and drains excess fluids and toxins by opening lymphatic pathways.


This light facial massage allows you to achieve a radiant glow, reduced wrinkles, clearer complexion, refined skin tone, cleared sinuses and diminished eye area puffiness.



Twelve 50 minute monthly Moodz Massages, a wonderful year-round investment in your well-being.

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